Dr. Jeffrey Sack Explains the Many Advantages of Flying Via Private Jet

Dr. Jeffery Sack

July 21, 2020

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota

Certified flight instructor Dr. Jeffrey Sack explains the numerous advantages of flying via private jet versus commercial airlines.

Commercial airline has long been the most popular way to fly. It’s cost-effective, safe, and somewhat convenient. However, those who have traveled via private jet will argue that anyone traveling via commercial airline is truly missing out. Dr. Jeffrey Sack is a certified flight instructor and airline transport rated pilot with multiple jet type ratings, and he argues that private jet is the only way to fly.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack recently discussed the many advantages of flying via private jet, especially during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. He stated that, right now, there’s no safer way to take to the skies. Travelers can step aboard a plane with a very small number of people who are taking the necessary sanitation and safety measures. Dr. Jeffrey Sack explained that commercial planes cram dozens of people into a small space, and many of them do not disclose that they are feeling symptoms of sickness. He added that private jet companies are taking additional precautions to sanitize the aircraft and keep customers safe, which is drastically easier when accommodating a smaller number of people and seats.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota explained that traveling via private jet is drastically more convenient than traveling via commercial airline. He stated that those who travel via private jet typically never want to fly via commercial airline again. This is because travelers avoid all of the annoyances of commercial air travel, including long check-in lines, baggage fees, arriving two hours before departure, and more. Dr. Jeffrey Sack stated that travelers of private jet flights can often travel to airports closer to their destination while only needing to show up roughly 30 minutes before eradicating the need to deal with lines or excessive waits.

Private jet pilots and travelers, like Dr. Jeffrey Sack, continuously praise private jets for their comfort. Even the smallest private planes offer plenty of legroom, spotless facilities, and comforts you simply can’t find on commercial airlines. Private jet charters often come with free on-board WiFi, entertainment options, and five-star cuisine. Dr. Jeffrey Sack stated that to fly via private jet charter is to fly in luxury.

Finally, Dr. Jeffrey Sack explained that flying via private jet is more affordable than most people think. Typically, a company offers a single rate for the charter, and that rate is divided amongst the people flying. Many times, the total for each traveler is only slightly more than a first-class airline ticket. Even more, he explained this doesn’t include the invaluable time travelers save.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack concluded by suggesting that travelers consider flying via private jet to save time, enjoy more on-board luxuries, and arrive at their destinations in good health.